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OPP Board Review for AOBFP Certification

Osteopathic Principles and Practice

All physicians seeking board certification in an osteopathic discipline will encounter an OMM exam component. This live presentation was originally recorded for Family Medicine residents to assist with board preparation pertaining to the OPP/OMM exam sections.

This 3-part discussion covers: 1) studying and preparing to take a board exam, 2) case questions and examples of how to structure a solid response, and 3) suggested strategies for successful performance on the practical exam. Presented by Cheryl Doane, D.O., the information is a must-have for primary care residents preparing to take their board exams.

OPP Board Review Cases
OPP Board Review for AOBFP Certification - Handout Slides and Notes
OPP Board Review, Example Questions

Original recording date: February 6, 2013

Freely available at: AOBFP Cert/