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OPP/OMT Integration Workshop #5: Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Acute Head, Chest, and Low Back Pain after Ruling Out Conditions Causing the "Red Flags"

Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Workshop DVD ImageOPP/OMT Integration Workshop #5 presents integration of OPP into the care of patients that have acute head, chest, and low back pain after ruling out the "red flags." This case based workshop reviews the mechanics, anatomy, and physiology of the head, spine, chest, low back, and sacrum, the red flags and causes of acute pain, and explains safety in the use of OMT. It also reviews Osteopathic Principles with regard to medication use, as well as Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques (Soft Tissue, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy, Lymphatic Drainage, Condylar Decompression, Venous Sinus Release, Effleurage to the Frontal & Maxillary Sinuses, Foot Reflexology, Still Techniques for Posterior Subluxed Ribs and Sacral Motion Testing), Self Therapy Exercises, and SOAP note documentation.

OPP/OMT Integration Workshop #5 also features presentations from Dr. Mary Hughes and Dr. Don Sefcik, specialists in Emergency Medicine. Both of whom provide information about their experiences and insights regarding the integration of OPP/OMT in the treatment of patients in the ER. Each of these physicians brings a wealth of knowledge from their clinical experience that demonstrates the impact of OPP in the patient care setting.

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