MSUCOM / SCSStatewide Campus System

eSign-in System

How it works

In order to maintain attendance records for educational events, limit access to protected resources, and provide for other member services, SCS uses an electonic sign in system (eSign-in).

For your username and password, eSign-in uses either your your:

  • MSU NetID (
  • or a free-to-create MSU Community ID (for non email addresses)

Your email address is then checked against the SCS Trainee Database to determine your level of access. If you NetID email address, or your Community ID email address are found, your account is automatically "confirmed" and granted permission to SCS resources.


What if my account is listed as unconfirmed?

You can still sign in to events - a record of daily activity will still be kept. Once your account has been confirmed, all sign in data will be synchronized with your SCS account and will become available for reporting.


How can I confirm my account?

Your Med Ed Coordinator can update your email address on file with SCS in the SCS Trainee Database. Once the update has been approved, your account will be verified upon next login.


I forgot my password!

NetID password can be reset at the NetID website.

Commnuity ID password can be self-reset through the Community ID Self Service portal


I'm still having access trouble!

For further assistance:

  • If you are attending a SCS function, please see an SCS staffperson for immediate help
  • Send us an email