MSUCOM / SCSStatewide Campus System

eSign-In Reports Quick Guide

Step 1:
Click the “ATTENDANCE REPORTS” link in the upper-right.

If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your eSign-In credentials (your MSU NetID or Community ID)

Step 2:
If your eSign-In account has access multiple hospitals or programs, the Selected Program option allows you to choose the desired program.

This option will affect the list of Residents/Faculty as well as all tracking grids.

Single Resident / Faculty Reports:
This report shows lifetime Resident or Faculty attendance, post-test scores, and specialty course participation for the chosen user.

-Choose the name from the dropdown list
-Click Launch

Academic Year Grid View:
This report shows all Resident or Faculty attendance and event post-test activity for this academic year.

-Choose the Academic Year
-Choose Resident or Faculty Attendance
-Click Launch

Specialty Course Grid View:
Specialty are currently in use by only a few programs.  If your program does not have any specialty courses, this section will be greyed out.

-Choose the course name
-Click Launch