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Technical Support

Running a Zoom Meeting

First-time Users: Will need to Download Zoom. Then locate and run the zoom installer (default location is the downloads folder).

Connecting to Zoom

Click on the link that was emailed to you to join the meeting.  It will bring up a prompt to enter your name.  Type in your name and click Join.

Enter Name

When you join the room, it should ask if you want to connect your audio.  First click on test mic & speaker to test your settings.

Join Audio Prompt

In the audio settings test speaker, and then your microphone.  Then click on the X in the top right corner to close the settings window.

Test your Audio

Then click on Join Audio to join the meeting with sound.

By default, you will be broadcasting audio.  You may want to mute your mic until you are ready to present.  Click on the microphone icon in the bottom left of the screen to mute. (Below example has already been muted)

Mute Microphone

To share your presentation, be sure that it is opened and that you have started the slide show.  Switch back to Zoom, then click Share Screen in the center of the zoom window.

share screen

Select your Slide Show from the list of applications to share, then click Share Screen. This will bring up your presentation in PowerPoint.


While sharing, the share menu at the top of the screen will allow you to mute or unmute your mic.

Share menu

You can also check the chat window buy clicking on More, then on Chat.  This is where participants can ask questions.

Chat Menu

When you are done, you can click Stop Share to end your presentation.