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Sending Core Faculty lists to SCS

To enable activity reporting for Core Faculty, as well as access to SCS protected content, a list of your instutition's Core Faculty must be provided to SCS.

Fortunately, this list can easily be exported from ACGME WebADS!

1. Please login to your ACGME WebADS account and select the "Reports" tab on the upper right hand side of the page
2. Select the "Faculty Data" link listed under "Downloads"

3. Make sure faculty type is listed as Physician and click "Run Report"

4. Your browser will download a .xls file. Please email this file to Ryan Conway for processing.
Please do not alter / edit this file before sending.

NOTE: You may not be able to generate this file if your ACGME Annual Report is due. Once your Annual Report has been submitted, the option to download Core Faculty will be reenabled. You may also download and fill out the SCS Core Faculty Template for manual submission.