The primary purpose of this peer-reviewed journal is to provide a formal publication option for research completed by MSUCOM students, residents and faculty. SMRJ's mission is to advance medicine and medical education through the timely publication of peer-reviewed clinically-oriented research, clinically-relevant basic science research, healthcare quality research, and medical education research from the MSUCOM community, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and the education of patients and care providers. SMRJ is the official scholarly publication of the Statewide Campus System (SCS) of MSUCOM. It provides a forum for communicating research findings, clinical practice observations, philosophic concepts, and other biomedical and medical education advances to MSUCOM medical students, residents, fellows and faculty, and any other interested readers.

SMRJ is a free on-line journal, open to all viewers, housed on the MSUCOM Statewide Campus System website.

PubMed Central status: Pubmed Central (PMC) application complete as of October 2020. The SMRJ has been accepted for indexing in PMC. This means that all published articles going forward will receive a Pubmed Central ID number (PMCID). In addition all past 90 + SMRJ articles will be retrospectively assigned a PMCID. Specific timelines on implementation of both items TBD.


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Spartan Medical Research Journal:
Volume 4, Number 1, Summer 2019

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SMRJ Staff

Executive Editor: Andrea Amalfitano, DO, PhD, DABMG, Sr. Associate Dean MSUCOM

Chief Editor: William Corser, PhD, RN
Assistant Editor: Sam Wisniewski, MS
Manuscript Editor and Website Coordinator: Luke Sandel

Editorial Board and Reviewers:
Andrea Amalfitano, DO, PhD; Michael Andary, MD; Mandip Atwal, DO; Kevin Brody. MD; Dana M Busch, DO; Mohammas Chisti, MD; Amit Chopra, DO; Sheri Clarke, PhD; Stephen Clyne, DO; Anthony Colucci, DO; Mark Cummings, PhD; Paul Drouillard, DO; Wissam Elfallal, DO; Eddie El-Yussif, DO; John Flood, DO; Joseph Flynn, DO, MS; Ahmad Ghabsha, MD; Martina Ghiardi, DO; Jerry Grieb, DO, FACEP; Justin Grill, DO; Peter Gulick, DO; Kari Hortos, DO; Gregory Johnston, DO; Mark Jones, DO; Jennifer Kaufman, DO; Bilal Kharbutli, MD; Jacklyn Kiefer, DO; Jeffrey Kovan, DO; Jeremy Kramer, DO; Doug Kubek, DO; James Larkin, DO; Julie Lata, DO; Jo LeVan, DO; Alyse Ley, DO; Thomas Maatman, DO; Jed Magen, DO; Mark Marrone, MD; Denny R Martin, DO; Jeffrey Mason, DO; Anissa Mattison, DO; Justin McCormick, PhD; Gregory McIntosh, DO; Saroj Misra, DO; Nick Moore, DO; Todd Moyerbralean, DO; Suresh Mukherji, MD; Shivajee Nallamothu, DO; Emily Orille, DO; Linda Plizga, DO; Jon Rohrer, PhD; Norbert Roosen, MD; Sandra Russell, DO; Rocky Saenz, DO; Fremont Scott, DO; Carl Shermetaro, DO; Mark Stewart, DO; Michael Swords, DO; Jim Sylvain, DO; Tudor Tien, MD; Kirsten Waarala, DO; Brianne Waggoner, DO; Angela Wagner, DO; Michael Wang, MD; Patrick Woodman, DO; Amjad Yaish, DO

Information for Authors

SMRJ observes and operates in accordance with the "Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals" established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and endeavors to adhere to all ethical guidelines contained therein.

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Information for Reviewers

Appeals Policy

An author who disagrees with a decision to reject a submitted manuscript may file a written appeal with the Chief Editor stating reasons for the disagreement. Within one week of receipt, the Chief Editor will submit the manuscript in question to a second panel of three reviewers with expertise in the subject area of the manuscript and who were not involved in the initial review. At least two of these three reviewers will not be members of the SMRJ editorial board. This second panel of reviewers will return their reviews to the Chief Editor within two weeks of receipt of the manuscript. The Chief Editor will then take the recommendations of this second panel of reviewers into consideration in making a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript.


Chief Editor: Bill Corser, PhD, RN
A336 E. Fee Hall
965 Wilson Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48824

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