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Writing for Publication

Personal Trainer Approach to Writing for Education Journals with Ingrid Philibert, PhD, MBA

pdf Writing for Publication Program Overview

Module 1: Strategies for Writing and Publishing Medical Education Research

  • Strategies
  • Successful Habits

Module 2: Increasing Favorable Consideration for Your Manuscript

  • Variables
  • Missed Opportunities

Module 3: Creating an Action Plan

  • Increasing Your Odds with JGME

Module 4: Navigating the Writing Process

  • Where to Submit Your Manuscript

Module 5: Navigating the Editorial Process

  • Considerations

Module 6: Recognized Scholarship

  • Boyer's 4 Categories of Scholarship
  • ACGME Recognized Scholarly Activity for Faculty
  • Glassick's 6 Standards for Judging Scholarly Work
  • Pride in Accomplishment & Teaching



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