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About Our Scholarly Activity Services

The Statewide Campus System at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine is a graduate medical education consortium that enhances the quality of postdoctoral education through the collective efforts of its member institutions.

One cornerstone of the SCS strategic plan is to provide scholarly activity support and dissemination opportunities to its member institutions. To date, our team has serviced over aspects or the entirety of over 400 scholarly activity quality improvement and research projects.

Our SCS scholarly activity services available during the 2019-20 academic year are designed to meet the changing needs of our community-based partners. We invite you to partake in as many services as your needs dictate.


Meet our Scholarly Activity Team

Bill Corser PhotographBill Corser earned a 2000 Ph.D. in Nursing with secondary concentration in Population Health Research from the School of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bill’s program of health services research has focused on the major predictive influences of health outcomes of heavily comorbid and chronically ill adults. As a former nurse manager and administrator, he has consulted for numerous Midwest healthcare systems in the area of research and quality improvement project design and methods. Bill has over 80 peer-reviewed publications to date with funding for over 30 completed projects from international, federal, and state governments/foundation sources.

William Corser, PhD, RN
Director, Research
(cell) 517-918-3470


Sam Wisniewski PhotographSam Wisniewski earned his Master’s in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from MSU in 2016. He currently works at SCS in the following roles: Biostatistician/Senior Research Analyst, Academic Specialist for the Obstetrics & Gynecology Programs, and Assistant Editor for the Spartan Medical Research Journal. His passions lie in research (quantitative, qualitative, quality improvement and patient safety, accountability and transparency of research), advocacy for under-served populations, public health as social justice, cognitive research, and community volunteering.

Sam Wisniewski, MS
Senior Research Analyst / Biostatistician