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Scholarly Activity Support Services

Support services are available to augment your ongoing project planning, conduction and dissemination activities. Please allow up to 2 weeks* for support members to reply (not necessarily complete), with longer than 2 weeks* often being required for completion of data analytics.

Turn-around time estimate can vary significantly for each SCS Support Service corresponding with Project Lead Responsibilities items 1-7 below, owing to a very large number of unpredictable factors (total number of current consultations serviced by support liaison, as well as individual project complexities, etc.)

Project Lead Responsibilities

SCS Support Service

1. Formulating your IDEA/compile your literature

  • Assistance with interpretation of your compiled literature

2. Project Description Statement

  • Purpose of project
  • Significance of project
  • Evaluation of project feasibility/provision of samples
  • Overall project design

3. Refining your project elements

  • Study aim/questions
  • Data collection **
  • Methods
  • Measures
  • Dataset creation
  • Exploring possible analytic procedures

4. Creating/submitting your IRB application

  • Assistance with your IRB application and responses.
  • Minimal sample size calculations

5. Project conduction

  • Assistance with possible mid-project issues

6. Entering your data

  • Completion of (most) types of data analytics

7. Disseminating your results

  • Assistance with identification of poster, presentation, manuscript options
  • Assistance with (final) poster/presentation/manuscript editing

**PLEASE NOTE: Project lead will be responsible for creation and dissemination of any study materials, surveys, etc.


Getting Started:

Please complete our Scholarly Activity Consultation Request form


Expanding SCS Scholarly/Research Project Infrastructure Supports

SCS/MSUCOM is now offering an expanded set of phase-specific support services for the Scholarly Activity (SA) projects by SCS-affiliated residency program officials, faculty, fellows and residents.

SCS can help support your prospective Quality Improvement (QI) or research project needs. Our goal is to facilitate community-based residency projects with results that will be readily translated for point-of-care application in your clinical specialty/agency, enabling you and your residents to report the results of your scholarly projects, and meet growing ACGME accreditation expectations.

Bill Corser, PhD, RN, NEA-BC
Director of Research
MSU COM Statewide Campus System
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(Cell) (517) 918-3470 (preferred)

Sam Wisniewski, MS
Senior Research Analyst/Biostatistician
MSU COM Statewide Campus System
A339 East Fee Hall
965 Wilson Road
East Lansing, MI 48824
Office Phone: (517) 884-7887