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Scholarly Activity Support Program

As an element of resident training in the Practice-Based Learning and Improvement and Medical Knowledge core ACGME competencies, SCS has established an award program to support resident scholarly activity projects. These small awards are limited to one per research or quality improvement project, and are for covering incidental costs of conducting the project, such as printing and mailing, subject fees, or statistical consultation. Each proposed project should be clinically-oriented with the ultimate goal of improving patient care, or focused on the education of patients or care providers.


  • Applications will be accepted from residents who are enrolled in an SCS residency program and committed to completing a formal scholarly activity project. This project may be required for graduation from the residency program, or it may be a self-initiated project.
  • Successful applicants will receive up to a maximum of $2,000.
  • No renewal applications will be accepted.
  • The application form must be accompanied by a complete project description/proposal, and an approval letter from an Institutional Review Board (either the local hospital or MSU IRB).
  • The completed application form must also be accompanied by a budget detailing proposed expenditures of prospective award monies.
  • Acceptable expenditures include any incidental (out of pocket) costs of doing the proposed research. This may include costs for items such as printing and mailing data collection forms or survey forms; expendable lab items such as mouthpieces for respiratory gas analyses; nominal subject fees to cover transportation, parking and/or meal costs while taking part in the study; or payment to a statistical consultant for assistance in data analysis. Expenditures that are not acceptable include costs for items such as equipment purchases, textbooks, or salaries.
  • Applications will be evaluated by the SCS Scholarly Activity Support Committee, based on quality of the proposed research, feasibility of completion within the proposed time frame, and acceptability of the proposed budget. Applications will be rank-ordered and support money will be awarded in rank order, beginning with the top ranked application, until the current year’s budgeted support money is expended.
  • Results of the completed project will be submitted as a publishable manuscript to the Spartan Medical Research Journal no later than three months following graduation from the residency program.
  • Awarded funds will be administered by the appropriate department in the healthcare system or hospital where the resident is based. This department will provide the resident with access to the funds and provide SCS with an final accounting report summarizing use of award monies. Any unexpended funds will be returned to SCS at the end of the academic year.

Submission Procedures

Each application packet must include each of the following elements, arranged in this order:

  1. Completed SCS Resident Scholarly Activity Support Program application form.
  2. A copy of the complete project proposal, including background of the problem being addressed, research questions and hypotheses (if appropriate), project design and methods, sampling plan, variables description, and statistical analysis plan. Proposals should be a maximum of five-to-six pages (not including the reference list and any other supporting documents).
  3. An itemized budget for the requested award funds. If the money being requested in the application is not the entire amount being expended on the project, applicants must submit a complete project budget listing all prospective funding sources.
  4. letter of approval for this project from the local hospital IRB or from the MSU IRB.
  5. A separate letter of support from the applicant’s faculty project supervisor who must attest that they will work with the resident to identify the appropriate healthcare system department for administering and providing prospective award monies during the study period.

One (1) hard copy (or a single scanned and emailed copy) of the application package must be received, by the deadline listed below, delivered to:

Dr. Bill Corser
MSU Statewide Campus System
965 Wilson Road
A339 East Fee Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

Application Form

Download the PDF application form

For questions regarding the Scholarly Activity Support Program or application procedures, contact Dr. Corser at Email: or via Phone: 517-918-3470.


August 16, 2020 - Receipt complete application at the SCS office.

Final project reports, in the form of publishable manuscript submitted to the Spartan Medical Research Journal, will be due to Dr. Corser at no later than three months following graduation from the residency program.

SCS Resident Scholarly Activity Support Evaluation Committee:
Jonathan Rohrer, PhD, DMin
William Corser, PhD
Sam Wisniewski, MS