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New SCS Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Module Series

Statewide Campus System is proud to offer a new series of Quality Improvement/Patient Safety (QIPS) learning modules for residents and faculty planning to develop scholarly activity projects that are more program/healthcare system-oriented. This series is hosted in MSU's Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system.

Each module is 12-21 minutes in length. Most modules include example diagrams/photos, and Modules #2 through #4 have brief quizzes to generate a completion certificate for learners.

QIPS Modules:

  1. "Introduction to SCS QIPS Module Series" (12 min.)
  2.  "QIPS in Healthcare: Origins and Principles" (15 min.)
  3. "Research and QIPS Projects: Differences and Similarities" (20 min.)
  4. "Feasible QIPS Project Design" (18 min.)
  5.  "Preparing your Institutional Review Board Application" (18 min.)
  6. "Project Data Set and Data Entry Principles" (16 min.)
  7. "Major QIPS Tools to Interpret & Report Project Results" (19 min.)
  8. "Building a Program of Scholarly Activity as a GME Leader" (21 min.)

To Access these modules as an SCS-affiliated Learner:

NOTE: If you do not have an MSU NetID ( or Community ID, please see our eSign-in support page.

Keep track of this login information - your NetID or Community ID will be used for access to future SCS resources.

  1. Send an email to Dr. Corser ( with your NetID or Community ID for course enrollment.
  2. Once enrolled, log into D2L at and you will see the "2015 Statewide Campus System QIPS Modules" course made available for you.
  3. Click on the "Content" tab at the top of screen (ignore the "Content Browser" section on the Left) and you can start viewing modules whenever and wherever you wish (SWF module files may not always work on some smartphones). 
  4. For any technical difficulty, please contact the MSU D2L helpdesk at, or (517) 432-6200 (24/7). If they are unable to assist you, please contact Dr. Corser at or (517) 918-3470.