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Current Scholarly Activity Projects

The following table lists all Scholarly Activity (SA) projects with which the SCS SA consult services have been requested during the last 24 months. It is hoped that this table can used by SCS members to connect with their colleagues who may be working on similar projects to utilize each other towards collaborative insight into resources such as study design, study instrumentation, patient recruitment, etc.

If you are currently planning on seeking SA consultation services, please begin a new consultation request by filling out the scholarly activity consultation request found here:

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Dr. Bill Corser
Director of Research

Sam Wisniewski, MS
Senior Research Analyst

Last updated: May 28, 2020, 11:31 AM

Ascension Genesys Davenport, Lyndsi, DO "Developing a QI Education Series to Standardize IM Resident Hand-offs" YES
Ascension Genesys Donnelly, Ann, RN, BSN "Pre-Post Testing of Providers' Confidence Levels to Decrease Patient Hospital Readmissions" YES
Ascension Genesys Goethals, Andrea, DO "Developing of a Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Curriculum to Increase Resident Engagement with Scholarly Activity" YES
Ascension Genesys Jaskierny, Holly, DO "Perinatal Physician Rounding Patterns" YES
Ascension Genesys Lytle, Jacob, DO "Comparison of Bacteria Growth Isolated (Coagulase Negative Staph and C. Acnes)" NO
Ascension Genesys Malinowska, Kamila, DO "Survey Examining MI SCS Residents Exposure to Family Planning and Abortion Training" NO
Ascension Genesys Wasfie, Tarik, MD "Teach for Quality Project" YES
Ascension Macomb Bokari, Anjum, DO "Rate of exclusive breastfeeding among residents in Michigan" NO
Authority Health Anderson, Jay, DO "Populations by Race, Income, Provider Availability and Type of Health Insurance" YES
Authority Health Bortnem, Jason, DO "Relationship between AIC Control Levels and Ocurrence of Microvascular Complications" YES
Authority Health Cannon, Jennifer, DO "Management of Patients diagnosed with delerium compared to clinical guidelines" YES
Authority Health Custer, Carolyn, DO and Herron, Kelly, DO "Examination of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adult Health Outcomes" YES
Authority Health Dang, Trang, DO "End of Life Care Decisions Project" YES
Authority Health Fernandez, Carlo DO "Use of PGX as a Novel Fiber Supplement for Weight Loss" YES
Authority Health Ferrer, Jenie, DO "Potential Barriers to Routine HPV Vaccination" YES
Authority Health Guirgis, Monica, DO "Early Signs of Comorbidities in Obese Pediatric Patients in Local Community Practice" YES
Authority Health McGrail, Carolyn DO IRB Application Consultation YES
Authority Health McGrail, Carolyn, DO Project under development. YES
Authority Health Nguyen, Albert, DO "Evaluation of social determinants of mental health among patients in a community mental health clinic" YES
Authority Health Nguyen, Brian DO "Translating Evidence-based Guidelines at a Pediatric Residency Journal Club Into Clinical Practice" YES
Authority Health Parsons, Leo, DO Variance and disparities in medical care based on insurance payer, provider credentials and geographic and socioeconomic location" YES
Authority Health Perard, Jacqueline, DO "Impact of Exercise on Depression and Anxiety on Opioid Dependent Patients" YES
Authority Health Shah, Andrita, DO "In light of increasing cases of physician depression and suicide, we sought to compare several general training conditions from residents, the general public, and GME leadership" YES
Authority Health Shah, Toral, DO "Sleep Quality in an under-served community population" YES
Authority Health Steinacker, Sarah, DO Project under development. NO
Authority Health Tripi, Allison, DO "Outpatient Adolescents' Sexual Health and Barrier Contraception" YES
Authority Health Ubokudom, Kellya, DO "Study of Influence of Open Relationship with Parents on subsequent STD and Unplanned Pregnancy in Adolsecents" YES
Authority Health Yu Alex, DO, MPH "Effects of medical cost transparency on patient's behavior" YES
Beaumont Cruff, Jason, DO "A Prospective Cohort Study Examining Surgical Repair of Uterine Prolapse" NO
Beaumont Jordan, Mary, DO "Sex and Gender Health Education Assessment" NO
Beaumont Farmington Hills Dargin, Jenha, DO "Investigation of Post Partum Hemorrhage in Relation to Full Voiding of Patient Bladder: A Retrospective Study" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Fleming, Angela, DO "Evaluation of Obstetrics/Gynecological Resident and Faculty Post-Training Opioid Prescribing Patterns for C-Section Patients" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Kucera, Molly, DO "Does losing 5-7% of Prediabedic Body Weight while completing Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Program decrease ASCVD Risk?" NO
Beaumont Farmington Hills Morford, Derrick, DO "Factors that Influence Resident Participation in International Medical Outreach" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Murray, Courtney, DO "QI Project: Improving Pregnancy Outcomes to Reduce the Number of Non-Indicated Tests Being Performed for Antenatal Fetal Surveillance" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Nelson, Carolyn, DO "Development, Implementatio and Compentency Assessment of ACGME Recommended Procedural Training in Family Medicine Utilizing a Consortium Model" NO
Beaumont Farmington Hills Parmely, John, DO "Comparison of Pre-Post General Surgery Residents' Skills Scores: PGY1 vs. PGY2 Residents" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Petzinger, Catherine DO two case report papers YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Rose, Cali, DO "Determine outcomes of patients admitted through the ER for syncope that had a negative workup" NO
Beaumont Farmington Hills Sayal, Ricky, DO "Tympanostomy tube placement: Anterior inferior quadrant vs. Posterior inferior quadrant" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Sayal, Ricky, DO "Relationship between Electronic Toothbrush use and Vertigo" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Sayal, Ricky, DO "Examination of consults for Mastoiditis Opacification" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills White, Zachary, DO "Surgical Outcomes regarding Transoral Robotic Surgery for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea" YES
Beaumont Farmington Hills Yedavally-Yellayi, Srikala, DO "An Examination of MD-trained Family Medicine Residency Program Applicant's perceptions concerning Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine" YES
Detroit Medical Center Christenson, Jennifer, DO "Systematic review on therapeutic salvage selective neck dissection" YES
Detroit Medical Center Cooper, Scott, DO "Incidence trends in primarily malignant penile cancer" YES
Detroit Medical Center Delvecchio, Khortnal, DO "Perceived Communication deficiencies between nursing staff and residents" YES
Detroit Medical Center Malkawi, Inbrahim, MD Zoom workshop: "Quality Improvement Methods in Healthcare Environments" YES
Detroit Medical Center Moore, Nick, MD Survey Study of Roller Derby Athletes YES
Detroit Medical Center Nelson, Lindsay, DO "Evaluating for a Correlation between CPK values and need for same-admission amputation in frostbite of the extremeties" YES
Detroit Medical Center Nelson, Lindsay, DO "OnQ Pain Pumps for Pain Control in Patients with Multiple Rib Fractures: A Quality Improvement Project" NO
Detroit Medical Center Seman, Susan, DO "How to decrease the operative turnover time in our hospital?" YES
Detroit Medical Center Sinai Grace McIntosh, Javardo, MD "Evaluating the Impact of DRIP Scoring System to Detect Pneumonia due to DRP" NO
Detroit Medical Center Sinai Grace Moghul, Fazaldin, DO "Protocol to Identify Patients with Small Bowel Obstruction undergoing nonoperative management with Gastrografin" NO
Garden City Hospital Bazzi, Hadi, DO "Smoking Status and Patellofemoral, Medialpatellofemoral and Lateral Patellofemoral knee compartment cartilage loss" YES
Garden City Hospital Blanchard, Ashley, DO "Implementing Clean-Catch Urine Techniques for OB Triage" NO
Garden City Hospital Blau, Kevin, DO "Assistance with development of a literature review" YES
Garden City Hospital Bourland, Bryan, DO "Examination of Vitamin D deficiency with Acute Proximal Femur Fractures" YES
Garden City Hospital Burke, Sarah, DO " Barriers to HIV Prophylaxis in Pre-Pregnant Women" YES
Garden City Hospital Burke, Sarah, DO "Increasing the breastfeeding rates at a community-based hospital" YES
Garden City Hospital Dang, Benjamin, DO "Examining the Relative Effectiveness of DEXA Screening in Relation to Development of Fractures" NO
Garden City Hospital Dave, Nishedh, DO "Monitoring and Enforcing Contrast Volume/GFR Ratio Work-Up" NO
Garden City Hospital Doyle, David, DO "Retrospective Review of Common Pelvic Infections and the Possible Correlation with BMI" YES
Garden City Hospital Ghuneim, Angela, DO "Rate vs. Rhythm in Atrial Fibrillation" NO
Garden City Hospital Hall, Christopher Paul, DO "ICU time of Vasopressors, LOS, and Mortality for Septic Patients" NO
Garden City Hospital Irani, Karen Buhariwalla DO "The Rate of Positive Sentinel Lympth Nodes in High Grade Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ" YES
Garden City Hospital Irani, Karen, DO "Rate of Positive Sentinel Nodes in patients with High Risk Ductal Carcinoma In Situ who undergo breast conservation at a small community hospital" YES
Garden City Hospital King, Deborah, MSN, RN Garden City Hospital IRB planning YES
Garden City Hospital Lewis, James, DO "Retrospective Case Series of Total Knee Anthroplasties" NO
Garden City Hospital Losure, Ashley, DO "Relationship between Prenatal Visit HbA1c and Pregnancy Outcomes" YES
Garden City Hospital Mohammed, Khalid, DO "Retrospective Cohort Study of Arrythmia Sudden Cardiac Arrest Patients and the Relationship to Mortality and Length of Stay" NO
Garden City Hospital Monk, John, DO Project under development. YES
Garden City Hospital Pawlak, Anne, DO "Assistance with Literature Review concerning Stroke and Cancer" NO
Garden City Hospital Peters, Katherine, DO " Lifestyle Medicine/Physician Wellness" NO
Garden City Hospital Singh, Simrat, DO "Patient Survey of Long-Term Contraceptive Device Use" YES
Garden City Hospital Thornton, Christopher, DO "Survey Regarding Preferred Patient Contact Methods Aimed at Reducing No Shows for Office Patients" NO
Garden City Hospital Willenbring, Brad, DO "Examining Patient No-Shows" NO
Garden City Hospital Wong, Kevin, DO "Efficacy of Pulmonary Embolus CT Screening Protocol for Dyspneic Patients after Chest Radiograph" YES
Henry Ford Allegiance Alamelumangapuram, Chidamber, MD "Examination and Improvement of Number of Nightfloat Team Pages" YES
Henry Ford Allegiance Macklem, Deb, PhD Education regarding Scholarly Activity Feasibility YES
Henry Ford Allegiance Omerovic, Silvan Development of Case Study Manuscript YES
Henry Ford Allegiance Singh, Harpreet, MD "Examination of Post Hospital Discharge Physician Follow-Up Problems" YES
Henry Ford Macomb Arguello, Mingxue, DO "Relationship between Length of Stay and Tight Glycemic Control for Non-ICU patients" YES
Henry Ford Macomb Arnautovic, Jelena, DO "CPK correlation with symptoms and renal status of Rhabdomyelitis" YES
Henry Ford Macomb Arnautovic, Jelena, DO Prospective Refinement of Rhabdomyolysis-CK Level Paper YES
Henry Ford Macomb Bombard, Matthew "Examination of impact on post ed visit phone call follow-up" YES
Henry Ford Macomb Cronovich, Heather, DO "Examination of Changes in Emergency Medicine Resident Elogs After Closure of a Community-Based Psychiatric Clinic" YES
Henry Ford Wyandotte Ahmed, Afroze, MD "The Efficacy of an Incentive Spirometry Education Program to reduce Atelectasis/Pneumonia in Post-Operative Bowel Resection Patients" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Arrick, Laura MLS Project under development. YES
Henry Ford Wyandotte Craver, Scott, DO "Computer Generated Resident Shift Schedule to Decrease Errors and Improve Overall Wellness" YES
Henry Ford Wyandotte Heimberg, David, MD "EM to ICU Ventilator Protocol Variation" YES
Henry Ford Wyandotte Johnson, Sherry DO "Open Inguinal Hernia Surgery in the Age of Minimal Invasive Surgery" YES
Henry Ford Wyandotte Kurth, Leah, DO "Does Gestational Diabetes Carry the Same Risk for Post Cesarean Surical Site Infection/Wound Complications as Pre-Gestational Diabetes?" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Leichty, Joshua, DO, MPH "Retrospective chart review analyzing the percentage of pregnant women in the Henry Ford Hospital system who were prescribed low dose aspirin for pre-eclampsia prophylaxis for the appropriate high-risk indications" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Morrett, Katherine, DPM "Standardize Supply Rooms and Increase Provider Satisfaction" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Muller, Greg, DO "Quality Improvement Project to Reduce time taken to Obtain CT Scans at Henry FordWH" YES
Henry Ford Wyandotte Nedzlek, Christopher, DO "Assessing CT PE Bolus Rates at Two Community-Based Hospitals: A Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Project" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Reynolds, Joshua, DO "Design a pilot research study that looks at language skills of medical students and/or residents"Preoperative dexamethasone administration for postoperative pain control in GYN patients who undergo robotic total laparoscopic hysterectomy with or without bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. A randomized controlled clinical trial." NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Sexton, Abby, DO "QI Project: Aim to Increase Percentage of Patients Receiving Depo-Provera Birth Control Shot Upon Discharge from Hopsital After Delivery" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Stainfield, Tiffany, DO "Increasing the Number of Electronically-Prescribed Outpatient Prescriptions" NO
Henry Ford Wyandotte Valentim, Michael, DO "Decreasing Overall Urinalysis Time from Patient Presentation to Results of the UA" NO
McLaren Poponea, Nick, DO Development of a Heparin Drip ICU Study NO
McLaren Bay Gibson, Jessica, DO "Assessment of health literacy/reading level of patient population in a residency clinic" NO
McLaren Bay Kohner, Melissa, DO "Evaluating Depression and Anxiety Between Residency Specialities" YES
McLaren Bay Pionk, Elizabeth, DO "Code Blue and Rapid Responses before and after implementation of a physician-led Code Blue and Rapid Response team" NO
McLaren Greater Lansing Henderson, Jessica, DO "Comparing Nationwide to Community-Based Hospital Data for Triple Negative Breast Cancer" NO
McLaren Greater Lansing Jones, Mark, DO Project under development. YES
McLaren Greater Lansing Lewis, Madeline, DO Examination of belief of OMM and OPP priniciples with post-residentcy FM practice sites. YES
McLaren Greater Lansing Pomeroy, Kristin, DO Project under development. YES
McLaren Greater Lansing Tyagi, Alka, DO "Approporiate use of antibiotics per IDSA and CDC guidelines" NO
McLaren Macomb Applonie, Ryan, DO, Katie Rosen, DO "Examination of link between prostate symptoms and postop urinary retention joint replacement patients" YES
McLaren Macomb Busick, Ann-Marie DO with Virgin, Kelli, DO "Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System in Hospital Setting to decrease Hypoglycemic Events" YES
McLaren Macomb Carr, Mary, MLIS "Review/Linking of Univ. of Toledo's Mulford Instructions for Authors Library to Library Catalog" YES
McLaren Macomb Carroll, Jeff, DO "Efficacy of amniotic tissue use in arthoscopic rotator cuff tear for preventing frozen shoulder and decreasing narcotic use in a work comp population" YES
McLaren Macomb Flynn, Joseph, DO "Development of a Low-Cost Ultrasound-Guided Pericardiocentesis Simulator to Increase Emergency Medicine Resident Proficiency: A Pre and Post Assessment of Resident Confidence and Ability" NO
McLaren Macomb Flynn, Joseph, DO "Critical Review of Prospective SMRJ Submission" YES
McLaren Macomb Hood, Blake, DO "Application of chloroprep after skin closure to reduce surgical site infection rates" YES
McLaren Macomb Johnson, Christopher DO with Michael VanWagner, DO "Narcotic Consumption in Total Hip Athroplasty Patients receiving Liposomal Bupivicaine Wound Infiltration" YES
McLaren Macomb O'Neill, Nicholas, DO "Low-dose computed tomography in distal femoral fractures: A cadaver study." YES
McLaren Macomb Orille, Emily, DO "Patient Satisfaction using Physician Card to Inform ER Patients about their Care" YES
McLaren Oakland Abraham, Tina, DO,Catherine Davis, DO "Standardized Transitions of Care for Improved Patient Safety" YES
McLaren Oakland Barjaktarovich, Nick, DO "Patient Pain Medication Profiling" YES
McLaren Oakland Bohr, Colin, DO "Prevalence of True Penicillin Allergies in Patients with reported Penicillin Allergy in ENT Clinic" YES
McLaren Oakland Breckner, Gretchen, DO "Improvement of ER Discharge paperwork to Improve Communication with Primary Care Physicians" YES
McLaren Oakland Brown, Jens, DO (and Dr. Vu) "Relationship betwee radiation therapy on head/neck cancer patients and sleep apnea" NO
McLaren Oakland Brown, Robert, DO "Effect of Affordable Care Act on Emergency Department Payor Mix" YES
McLaren Oakland Butki, Nik "Multi-Site Testing of an Ultrasound "Train the Trainer" Workshop" YES
McLaren Oakland Calabria, Vanessa, DO Correlations of lack thereof between age, gender, and drug, use in varied traumas seen at McLaren Oakland YES
McLaren Oakland Chapman, Donald, DO "Quality Improvement Project: Improving inappropriately placed urinary in the ED in a Community Hospital Setting" YES
McLaren Oakland Dakroub, Maher, DO "Research regarding Hypercoaguability work-up in the hospital and it's effect on therapy" YES
McLaren Oakland Davis, Cathy, DO Project under development. YES
McLaren Oakland George, Christina, DO "Stroke Core Measure Compliance: A Quality Improvement Project" YES
McLaren Oakland Ghiari, Martina, DO "QI Training of Second-Year EM Residents" YES
McLaren Oakland Gupta, Nitin, DO Project under development. YES
McLaren Oakland Kieu, Monica, DO "Changes in Cutometer Readings after Treatment with a Non-Invasive Cosmetic Device" YES
McLaren Oakland Ko, Ellen, DO "Identification of Priority ENT Patient Family Educational Needs" YES
McLaren Oakland Ko, Ellen, DO "Postop Patient Education Project" YES
McLaren Oakland Ko, Ellen, DO with Dr. Vu, DO "Relationship between Asymetric Audiogram and MRI findings" YES
McLaren Oakland Krauser, Ashley, DO "Educational Materials to decrease Type 2 Diabetes Patients' HbA1C Levels" YES
McLaren Oakland Lala, Vasim, DO "Pulse Oximetry Predictors of Nuclear Stress Test Results" YES
McLaren Oakland Lee, Lawrence, DO "Implementation of Pain Protocol in Cases of Suspected Long Bone Fractures in ED" YES
McLaren Oakland McAllister, Derek, DO Radiology Survey to SCS Interns, Residents, Fellows and Attendings re: _________________ YES
McLaren Oakland Migoya, Eric, DO "Oxymetazolone vs. Phenylephrine as Treatment for Epistaxis: EM Doctors versis ENT doctors preferences, Readmissions" YES
McLaren Oakland Mitchell, JoAnn, DO Initial and 1-year Perceived Wellness Curriculum Needs of Residents YES
McLaren Oakland Mitchell, JoAnne, DO Systemwide Scholarly Activity Strategic Plannning YES
McLaren Oakland Mitchell, JoAnne, DO, Susan Enright, DO, FACOI "Pre-Post Testing of CLER Milestone Curriculum for Multi-Program Residents." YES
McLaren Oakland Mitchell, Mary, DO "Comparison of Lower Dose Steroid Knee Injections with More Frequent Dosing vs. Less Frequent Dosing" YES
McLaren Oakland Mucciarone, Xenophone, DO with Monica Tadros, DO "Usage of Disease-specific order sets after creation of Stand-alone Pneumonia Admission Order Set" YES
McLaren Oakland Pervez, Adeel, DO "Multiple blood pressure measurements" study YES
McLaren Oakland Poponea, Nick, DO "Use of Whole Body Preoperative Bathing Prep Kits with Chlorhexidine Gluconate an Providine-Iodine to Prevent Surgical Site Infections" YES
McLaren Oakland Sanders, Daniel, DO "Factors affecting Reporting of Critical Lab Values" YES
McLaren Oakland Shalako, Bradley, DO "Overuse of Ondansetron in Acute Pain Settings for Chronic Opiate Users" YES
McLaren Oakland Singh, Jeffrey, DO "Retrospective chart review to examine relationship between BPPV and Diabetes diagnosis" YES
McLaren Oakland Toth, Eric, DO "Development of Trauma Dictation Template for ED Patients" YES
Mclaren Oakland Wahl, Daniel, DO "Safety Project, How to Safely Administer Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks" YES
McLaren Oakland Walker, Jennifer, DO "Transition of Care Information Form to Improve Primary Care Physicians' Satisfaction" YES
McLaren Oakland, Henry Ford Macomb Arnet, Krista and Kyle, DOs "Rates of Intracranial Bleeding in Elderly Patients who fall from standing height on low-dose aspirin: A multicenter retrospective chart review" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Andrews, Sara, DO Comparing neonatal outcomes for infants delivered during the week vs. on the weekends YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Barkett, Gus DO Project under development. YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Brady, Katherine, DO "Factors contributing to readmission after hysterectomy." YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Chang, Elbert, DO "Retrospective examination of BMI and the association with robotic abdominal sacrocolpopexies" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Cook, Tim, DO "Morphine vs. Fentanyl prior to CI for Acute Coronary Sysndrome" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Davis, Tanner DO "Retrospective Review of Mercy Health Muskegon Ultrasound Evaluating Ages 3-18 for Possible Appendicitis in the Last Three Years" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Davis, Tristan DO, and Price, Kristin DO Randomized Control Study comparing efficacy of Cardizem 0.25mg/kg bolus over 2 minutes vs. Cardizem 50mg in 50ml of NS over 30 minutes for rate control in atrial fibrillation with rapid ventircular rates YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Dunikoski, Leonard, DO "Subdissociative Ketamine use In the ER for treatment of suspected Acute Nephrolithiasis compared to Standard opioid therapy; the SKANS trial" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Felt, Julie, MD "Quality Impropvement Curriculum Outcomes Testing" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Gorski Amy, DO Project under development. YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Honea, Phil, DO Prediction and Treatment of assumed asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant patients based on urinalysis." YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Hooker, Scott, DO "Retrospective Patient Outcomes Project examining EM Presentation to Cardiac Ballon Time" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Jeffcoat, Donovan, DO Project under development. YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Markel, Kyle, DO Relationship between collaborative care between ED pharmacists and ED physicians YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Mattson, Christopher, DO "Retrospective Review of Hospital Data to Assess Monetary Cost of Gun Violence in the Surrouding Community" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon McManus, Nicholas, DO Retrospective Review of Patient Charts to Assess Community Benefit NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Prevo, Emily, DO "Exploring Education by Primary Care and Adherence to Physical Activity Recommendations" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Repine, Claire, DO "Examining Opiod Prescribing Habits of Physicians Before and After CME on the Opiod Epidemic and Safe Prescribing Practices" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Rodriguez Amanda, DO "New Form of CME based on Hospital System and Practice Needs of Primary Care Cliniciains" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Strickland, Brittany, DO "Comparison of Bishop scores at various gestational ages and time to/mode of delivery to determine ideal gestational age for induction of labor" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Swendroski, Vicki, BSN, RN "Evaluation of Sepsis Screening Education Workshop on Provider Knowledge and Confidence Levels" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Van Rees, Steven, DO "Double Blinded RCT comparing Patient Satisfaction Scores for Sedation involving Propofol vs. Propofol and sub-associative Ketamine" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Vandermark, Kristina, MD "Pilot Quality Improvement Curriculum Testing" YES
Mercy Health Muskegon Visger, Benjamin, DO "Retrospective, Descriptive Study Examining Back and Knee Pain" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Wilson, Veronica, DO and Armstrong, Trevor DO "Assessing Outcomes of New Opiod Prescription Laws Focusing on Incidence of Bounce Backs to the ED for Inadequate Pain Control" NO
Mercy Health Muskegon Zageris, Danielle, DO "Comparison of resident and attending risk assessment screening for hereditary breast cancer syndromes at a community based residency clinic" YES
Metro Health Becker, Katie, DO "Improving Patient Compliance with Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring" NO
Metro Health Becker, Katie, DO "Quality improvement project to increase the number of hypertensive patients getting a Urine Microalbumin" YES
Metro Health Bouhana, Erin, DO "Examination of Impact of Increased Pre-Labor Physical Activity on Womens' Second Stage Labor Trajectiories" YES
Metro Health Brookshire, Brice, DO "Quality Improvement Project Aimed at Implementing 2013 AHA CPR Guidelines to Reduce Interruptions in Chest Compressions During ED Cardiac Arrest Resuscitations" NO
Metro Health Dizay, Haley, DO "Incidence of P.acnes in shoulder arthroscopy before and after application of an antibiotic topical gel" YES
Metro Health Gasworth, Leigh, DO "Utility of Routine Urine Drug Screening on ED Patients and Whether UDS Results Affects ED Management or Disposition" YES
Metro Health Henderson, Jerry, DO "Pain Control for Corneal Abrasions with Opthalmic Ketorolac vs. Standard Treatment" NO
Metro Health Howard, Scott, DO "Assessing EM Risk Factors regarding Medical Clearance Screening" YES
Metro Health Izzo, Andrew, DO "Implementation of an Abnormal Blood Pressure Chart after Assessing the Number of "Missed" Pediatric Blood Pressure Values Retrospectively" NO
Metro Health Keating, Kevin, DO "Patient Education and Understanding of Over-Active Bladder before and after Initial Presentation and Treatment" NO
Metro Health Keating, Kevin, DO "Laboratory studies after robotic assisted prostatectomies" NO
Metro Health Kennard, Jessica, DO "Improving Recognition and Management of Post-Partum Hemmorrhage" YES
Metro Health Navarre, Gerri, MSW, MA FM/IM Resident Retention Project NO
Metro Health Perry, Samuel, DO "Quality Improvement Project Examining 3 Months Pre and Post MAPS Roll Out for Prescribing Patterns for Total Knee and Hip" YES
Metro Health Postlewaite, Jeff, DO "Relationship between Medical Student COMLEX Scores and Subsequent Residency In-Training Scores" YES
Metro Health Przeslawski, Lauryn, DO "Pre-Operative Bacterial Count and Load of Cesarian Section Mothers" YES
Metro Health Rohloff, Matthew, DO "Prospective, Double Blinded, Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Pneumoperitoneum Pressues in Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy" NO
Metro Health Sevensma, Karlin, DO "A Retrospective Study to Determine Cost-Effectiveness of Properative Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography for Acute Gallstone Pancreatitis" YES
Metro Health Sevensma, Karlin, DO "Integrating Skills Testing into Interview Day for Surgery Residents" YES
Metro Health Sevensma, Karlin, DO "Correlation between General Surgery Applicants' Surgical Skill Scores and COMLEX_2 Scores" YES
Metro Health Shakuri-Rad, Jaschar, DO Project under development. YES
Metro Health Stevens, Jacklyn, DO "Breastfeeding during Residency Survey" NO
Metro Health Stracke, Joel DO "Hand Sewn vs. Stapled Closure: Comparison of Techniques for extending a Short Right Renal Vein onto a Donor IVC during Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation" YES
Metro Health Templin, Claire "Follow up of Postpartume Women with Preeclampsia: Quality Improvement Intiative" YES
Metro Health Traill, Mark "Secondary read of digital breast mammograms using Profound AI software to compare the Birad score assigned by the radiologist to the highest mark and case score assigned by Profound AI" NO
Metro Health Useem, Lauren, DO "Investigating patient outcomes with gestational hypertensive disease after implementing new order set" YES
Metro Health Visconti, Michael, OMS III and Dr. McCahill "Management of Melanoma in Octogenarians" NO
Metro Health Voice, Stephanie, DO "Survey to assess patient's interest in having nitrious oxide available as an anesthetic/anxiolytic for in office gynecologic procedures" YES
Metro Health Willsmann, Rachel, DO "RCT testing differential Effect Paracervical Block prior to Laporascopic Hysterectomy on Postoperative Pain" YES
Metro Health Wolfe, Adam, DO Project under development. YES
MSU Central Library Kraus-Friedburg, Channa, PhD "Journal Club Needs Assessment" NO
MSU OMM Clinic Chou, George, DO OMM Scholarly Activity Visit YES
MSU PMR Hakopian, David, DO "Correlation betwen Two Nerve Study Measurements" YES
MSU Psychiatry Albrecht, Nicole, DO with Daniel Dawis, DO "Differences in Diagnosis of Perinatal Depression across Physician Specialties" YES
MSU Student Spaulding, Shane Analyzing variables within a competitive admissions program against program completion in a respiratory therapy program at a small community college YES
MSU/Metro Detroit Urologic Consortiuum Rosen, Katie, DO "Evaluation of Preoperative Risk Stratification for Urinary Retention after Elective Joint Arthroplasty in a Community" YES
MSUCOM Breitzke, Brittany, DO "Examing the Treatment of Plagiocephaly-Comparing Helmeting to Helmeting plus OMT" NO
MSUCOM Camtrell, Cammie MA "Comparison of Pre-Post General Surgery Residents' Skills Scores" YES
MSUCOM Camtrell, Cammie MA "Examination of Scholarly Activity Strategies for General Surgery Programs" YES
MSUCOM Church, Brandy "AMA Reimagining Residency Grant" NO
MSUCOM Church, Brandy MA "The Effectiveness of Delivering Medical Educator Faculty Development Utilizing a Flipped Training Model" YES
MSUCOM Church, Brandy, MA ACGME Project NO
MSUCOM Cunningham, William, DO, MHA "Review of Study Abroad Cultural Sensitivity Tools for Osteopathic Medicine Students" YES
MSUCOM Cunningham, William, DO, MHA "Relative Impact of Training in Two Modes of Sepsis Identification" YES
MSUCOM DeStefano, Lisa, DO "Examination of Somatic Dysfunction Neck Subtypes Over 4 Visits" YES
MSUCOM Enright, Susan, DO "Predictors of COMLEX Scores" NO
MSUCOM Faner, Martha, PhD "Understanding the Influence of Student Motivation and Learning Strategies on How Medical Students Perceive the Benefit of Active Learning Sessions" YES
MSUCOM Hemanth, Racksha, MSIII, Erica Errigo MSIII "Post-Reform Healthcare Assessments of Rural Communities in Brazil, Mexico and Michigan" YES
MSUCOM Hortos, Kari, DO "OPP for MD educational event testing" YES
MSUCOM Kari Hortos, DO/Kirsten Waarla, DO "Examination of Perceived Importance of Osteopathic Recignition by Faculty, Residents and Medical Students" YES
MSUCOM Kennedy, Samantha, DO "Validation of the DESA-6 Screening Tool for Disordered Eating in Athletes" NO
MSUCOM Kincheloe, Thomas, DO "Interrater Reliability of Pathognomic Gestures of Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)" NO
MSUCOM Kincheloe, Thomas, DO "Currently looking at previously collected raw data for a previous study and looking at analyzing the data" NO
MSUCOM Nicodemus, Clarence, DO, PhD "Demostrating Chronic Low Back Pain has a Cause and Non-Opiod Treatement Modality, and is more Cost-Efficient Compared to Injections and Spinal Cord Stimulators" NO
MSUCOM Peck, Kim, MBA "Examination of Program Directors' Qualifying Board Preferences" YES
MSUCOM Rohrer, Jon, PhD Qualitative Assessment of Statewide Campus System Benefits: Interviews with Key Stakeholders YES
MSUCOM Rorher, Jon, PhD with Pam Royston, PhD "Multisite Professionalism Workshop for Residents" NO
MSUCOM Rose, Miko, DO "Testing of an Empathy Training Module to Improve Osteopathic Family Medicine Resident Patients' Office Visit Care Satisfaction Levels" YES
MSUCOM Rose, Miko, DO Two AOA Grant Applications YES
MSUCOM Rowan, Jake, DO "Physician Perspectives on Pereceived Value of Massage Therapy and OMT" NO
MSUCOM Rowan, Jake, DO "Design a pilot research study that looks at language skills of medical students and/or residents" NO
MSUCOM Sadasivan, Mangala, PhD "Process Approach to Board Prep using a Team Training Design" NO
MSUCOM Tereziu, Stela, MS IV Analysis of Common Medical Conditions affect Detroit-area Homeless Population" YES
MSUCOM Van Order, Tonya, MBA Preparation of one Scholarly Manuscript, one research poster YES
MSUCOM Van Order, Tonya, MBA "Feasible Project Stategies for you (and your IRM Application)" YES
MSUCOM Van Order, Tonya, MBA "Chief Resident Educational Needs & Preferences Survey" YES
MSUCOM Van Order, Tonya, MBA "Ethics and Professionalism Resident Workshop Profiling" YES
MSUCOM Waarala, Kirsten, DO "Are Extracurricular Clinical Experiences Associated with Higher Ratings of Humanism on a Standardized Patient Encounter?" NO
MSUCOM Weleff, Jeremy "Primary Care Usage Patterns of Patients in Haiti" YES
MSUCOM Wilson, Suzanne, MSN Project under development. YES
MSUCOM Young, Deb, PharmD "The Impact of Reflection and Insight through Deliberate Mindfulness Practice on Physician Burnout and Professionalism" NO
Private Practice Roy Small, DO "How do healthcare provider views regarding chronic pain influence opioid prescribing?" YES
Promedica Monroe Abdelfattah, Hany, DO "Examination of the Correlation between EMS Satisfaction vs ER Personnel Satisfaction Levels" YES
Promedica Monroe Andes, Justin, DO "Utilization of clinical decion rules by EM residents" YES
Promedica Monroe Caloia, Roya, DO, MPH Zoom workshop: "Quality Improvement Project Analyses" YES
Promedica Monroe Caloia, Roya, DO, MPH, Joseph Sherer, DO "Evaluation of Post-Training EM Resident Estimation of Dummy Torso Sutured Laceration Lengths" YES
Promedica Monroe Cheng, Jason, DO "Ketamine versus Haldol for Control of Acute Agitation in the Emergency Department: A randomized trial" YES
Promedica Monroe Hu, Leyda, DO "Utilization of Endotracheal Intubation in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Rupture in the Emergency Department" YES
Promedica Monroe Lifferth, Aaron, DO "Examination of Relationship between Hospital ACS Trauma Level and Residents' Confidence in Treating Trauma" YES
Promedica Monroe Martin, Chayse, DO "Subjective fever at home versus objective fever taken in the ED" YES
Promedica Monroe Mohammed, Isha, DO "Resident Confidence Levels regarding Opioid Prescription in the ED" YES
Promedica Monroe Naliboff, Melinda, DO, with Sexton, Alyssa, DO ER Staff Member Sexual Harassment Survey YES
Promedica Monroe Semrad, Mark, DO "Survey of Emergency Providers regarding Systemic Inflammatory Respiratory Criteria" YES
Sparrow Health Castle, David, DO "Training related to procedural competence check-offs" YES
Sparrow Health Chou, George, and Mueller-Smith, Jamie, DO "The correlation between functionality scores and osteopathic manipulative medicine in patients with spinal pain" YES
Sparrow Health Dennis, Margeaux, DO "Survey of Urology Attendings, Residents, and Fellows Aimed at Increasing Understanding of Costs of Commonly utilized Urologic Supplies and Instruments" NO
Sparrow Health Hughes, Mary, DO "Examination of 360 degree Evaluations in the Emergency Department" YES
Sparrow Health Hull, Adam, DO with Michael Andary, DO Project under development. YES
Sparrow Health Long, Robert, MD and Pearl, Sarah, MD "Enhancing the safety of neonatal Gentamicin administration after material Extended Dosing of Gentamicin for the intrapartum treatment of chorioamnionitis" YES
Sparrow Health Polisiakiewicz, Lukasz, DO Restrospective Chart Review to determine whether central venous access improves cardia arrest survival YES
Sparrow Health Sands, Kenneth, DO, MBA "Before and After Implementation of an Enchanced Recovery Protocol" YES
Sparrow Health Schultz, Justin, DO QI Project Ensuring Adherence to the American Urological Association's Recommendations to Obtain Execretory Images for Renal Traumas" NO
Sparrow Health Verde, Michael, MD, DC "Relationship between flu shot and nerve damage" YES
Sparrow Health Wisley, Kelly, DO "Investigating how offering postpartum Depo Provera injections, prior discharge after hospitalization for delivery, affects patterns of contraception use" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Analytis, Stephanie "Evalution of MRSA PCR Screening in Reducing Vancomycin and Linezolid use in Patients with Pneumonia, Empyema, or Effusion" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Bowdoin, Brandon, DO "Patient Suicide Risk Management in the ED" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Butt, Asad, MD "Patient Perceptions of Hypertension at a Community Health Clinic" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Chang, Kevin, DO "Does Supplementation of Hydroxyurea with Fish Oil and Vitamin E Help to Reduce ED Visits for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease?" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Clark, Kathleen, DO "Review of Medication Reconciliation Rates for "Potential Admission" Emergency Dept. Patients" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Cobb, Emily, MD "Effectiveness of ED education in the attitudes of helment compliance in the pedatric population" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Collier, Rachel, DO "Restrospective Study re: D-Dimer Levels among Patients diagnosed with Pulmonary Emboilism" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Curioso-Hughes, Claudine, DO "Procalcitronin as a Prognostic Factor in Patients with Pneumonia" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Curioso-Hughes, Claudine, DO "Procalcitronin Clearance as an Adjunct to SOFA in Predicting Sepsis Mortality in Community Hospital ICU Setting" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Eckley, Caressa, DO "Hospital Readmission Rates in hospital-initiated palliative care consults with and without follow-up" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Finch, Jennifer, DO "Fluid resuscitaion in sepsis and prognostic risk factors" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Gendel, Gleb, DO "Predictive Value of Symptoms and Urinalysis Findings in Pregnant Women for Urinary Tract Infection" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Gomez, Jose, MD Case Study Hyperbaric Treatment YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Greenberg, Elsiabeth, DO "Study Examining if HEART Score Leads to Differences in CPU Treatment Between Males and Females" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Grinvalds, Larisa, DO "Randomized Controlled Trial IV acetominiphen vs. IV Ketoralac for treatment of headache" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Haines, Brittany, DO A randomized controlled trial: Efficacy of thiamin, vitamin C, and hydroxoritizone on reducing mortality and time on pressers in treatement of sepsis and septic shock YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Haines, Brittany, DO Reducing Misdiagnosis of COPD by Pulmonary Function Testing YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Hamel, Jason Assessing of implemented software to access prescription drug monitoring program NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Hempel, Stephen, MD "On-site Quality Improvement Collaboration" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Herring, Judd, DO "Physiologic, demographic and environmental factors influencing triathlete performance and injury data from the same half Ironman event over a four year period" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Hobbins, Matthew, DO Impact of inpatient pulmonary consultation on compliance with outpatient clinic follow-up appointment on patients diagnosed with COPD YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Howard, Melanie On Site SA Planning consult for Consultee's Scholarly Activity New Position YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Hysell, Matthew, DO Differences in patients who have SVT vs. A flutter who received adenosine YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Jones, Ryan, DO "Use of Acne OTC medications versus Dermatologist Referral" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Kruz, Trixie, DO "Comparing glucose variability between thigh and abdomen with insulin administration" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Lingle, Ryan, DO "Quality Improvement Project to Increase PHQ-9 Screening for Depression during Annual Exams" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Long, Jereme, DO "Assistance with two prospective papers" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Long, Jereme, DO "Wellness Program for EM Residents" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Mancini, Michelino, DO Inquiry re: available SCS SA services YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Massa, Maddi, DO HR retrospective chart audit CK vs. Troponin elevation NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health O'Daniel, Michael, DO with Louis Standiford, DO "Use of Magnesium for Mild Health Injury Pediatric Athletes" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Pionk, Elizabeth, DO "Indications for and Outcomes of Urehtral Dilation in Women with Voiding Dysfunction and Recurrent Cystitis" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Proffitt, Tiffany, DO "Effect of Medicare Coding Chart at EM Physician Work Stations" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Proffitt, Tiffany, DO "Correlation of Procalcitonin levels with Disease Severity, Morbidity, and Mortality" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Proffitt, Tiffany, DO "Analysis of EM Charts and Coding Chart Card Impact" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Przednowek, Tomasz "Quality Improvement of debriefing after code/resuscitation" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Randolph, Matthew, DO "Assessing cardiovascular risks through an ambulatory patient population" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Reddy, Amulya, DO "QI project regarding use of EMR based clinical reminders for preventative services at an IM community clinic" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Reuter, Ashley, DO "Prevalence of Depression and Burnout Among Spectrum Lakeland Health Residents" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Roe, Brandon DO "Examination of Patient Satisfaction Levels from Bedside Ultrasound Tests" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Roe, Nicole, DO "Staphalococcus aureus bacteremia outcomes before and after an automated infectious disease notification system" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Santini, David, DO "Antibiotic Stewardship for Ertpenem and its Effects on C diff Rates" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Scheel, Timothy, DO "Measure Satisfaction of EM Providers with Level of Communication between Themselves and Consultants" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Schindler, Abby, MD "Defining Predictive Factors of ED and EMS Overuse" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Schmidtman, Barbara, PhD "Quantitative Study of the Impact of VR on Infusion Clinic Patients' Stress, Anxiety, and Overall Experience" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Schubert, Loren, DO "Toxicitiy and Cosmesis Results Following Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer, A Retrospective Study" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Stevens, Patrick, DO and Chelsea Wickenheiser, DO "Association of lifestyle with Career Satisfaciton and Physical and Mental Health" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Strong, Chantell, MD "FMT Effectiveness in Treatment of Recurrent Clostridium Difficile." NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Wang, Michael, DO "Antibiotic Combinations for Acute Kidney Injury" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Wang, Michael, DO "Feedback on Clostridium Difficile Paper" NO
Spectrum Lakeland Health Whitworth, Kristen, DO "Comparing TXA to Afin for treating Epistaxis in the ED" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Whitworth, Kristen, DO "Ability of Patient to Recognize Female Physicians" YES
Spectrum Lakeland Health Wickenheiser, Chelsea, DO "Evaluation of Critical Lab/Imaging Results Reporting Reporting Protocol in a Community-Based Hospital" YES
St. Joes Mercy Livingston Arenz, Kelly, DO "Examination of Opioid Prescribing Patterns by Primary Care Providers" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Abdelrahman, Adib, DO "Health outcomes related to ultrasound assessment fetal well being using Doppler studies." NO
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Baldwin, Rikki DO "Randomized control trial evaluating postoperative pain in patients undergoing robotic assistance for benign indications" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Bedford, Kevin, DO "Human Trafficking in Pregnant Women with Delayed/Absent Prenatal Care" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Bell, Krystal, DO "Examination of TeamSTEPPS Program Implementation on L & D Documentation Completeness in Shoulder Dystocia Births" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Bender, Jodi, DO "Pre-Post Educational Evaluation on OB Billing/Coding" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Cudworth, Rachel, DO "Assessing Labor and Delivery TRaige Visits during New and Full Moon" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Edwards, Shatia, DO "Does intrapartum fever managament of chorioamniotis affect ____________?" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Greenwood-Clark, Susan, MBA IRB-system mediation-type consult YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Javier, Sarah Nicole (Nikki), DO Trends in Opiod Prescription and Usage Post Hysterectomy YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Malepati, Swathi, DO "Examining possible differences in prevalence of preeclampsia and potential adverse materal and fetal outcomes" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Mattison, Anissa, DO "TEAM STEPS Supervison of OB Residents (Shoulder Dystocia)" NO
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Maxwell, Brianne, DO "Influenza vaccination among pregnant women in a community hospital" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Moore, Tara, DO "Examination of Second Stage Labor Protocol to Decrease C-Section Rate" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Nehls-Feucht, Jackie DO Project under development. YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Richards, Daniel, DO "How does late-term corticosteroid use affect Fetal Maturity" YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Seibels, Shania, DO, JD Fetal Fraction on Noninvasive Perinatal Screening and Outcomes YES
St. Joes Mercy Oakland Seibles, Shania, DO, JD Nulliparous, Term, Singleton, Vertex (NTSV): Can We Predict Cesarean Delivery? YES
St. John Macomb Oakland Tasker, Megan, DO "Restrospective Study concerning MRCP and ERCP results in Hyperbilirubinuria with Cholesystectomy, Length and Cost of Stay." YES
St. John Providence DiMatteo Anthony, DO "Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer based on Negative Prostate Biopsies to Reduce Unneeded Repeat Biopsies" YES
St. John Providence Levan, Deborah, DO, MPH "Pre-Post Testing of Ultrasound Curriculum for IM Residents" YES
St. Josepth Mercy Oakland Booker, Shelby, DO "Improvement of Appropriate Anesthesia Consults for Identified Obstetrical Patients" NO
St. Josepth Mercy Oakland Henzie, Danielle, DO "Prenatal Diagnosis of Marginal Cord Insertion and the Association with Intrauterine Growth Restriction" YES
St. Mary Mercy Kannampuzha, Jovil, MD with "Does Influenza vaccination have an impact on hospital readmission for Heart Failure in CHenry Ford patients?" (Meta-Analysis) NO
St. Mary Mercy Misra, Preeti, MD "Retrospective Chart Review of Patients with Cutaneous Drug Reactions" NO
St. Mary Mercy Misra, Preeti, MD "Enhanced Recovery Protocol Testing" NO
St. Mary Mercy Misra, Preeti, MD "Clostridium Difficile Educational Module Quality Improvement Project" YES
St. Mary Mercy Ring, Hope, DO "Peer Recovery Opiod Coaching: Does it Work?" NO
St. Mary Mercy Salah, Zahra'a, MD "Resident Physician Hand-Off QI Project" YES
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Cox, Linda, DO "Urine Screen for Prediabetes" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Keyes, Daniel, MD "Development of Fall Classification System in Elderly" YES
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Keyes, Daniel, MD "Survey of EM Residents and Available GME Resources and the Correlation to Publications as Indexed in PUBMED" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Keyes, Daniel, MD "Legally-Authorized Representative (LAR) Study" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Keyes, Daniel, MD "National Survey of Research Associate Programs" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Keyes, Daniel, MD "Change in pattern of emergency department use during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Keyes, Daniel, MD and Hirsch, John, MSIV "Evaluating the Impact of Gender and other Characteristics on the Ability of the Patient to Identify the Healthcare Provider Role as a Function of Practitioner Gender" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Korpole, Pranay, MD "Sepsis QI Project" YES
St. Mary Mercy Livonia McHugh, Laurie "To Determine if Routine Evaluation with Recently Added Laboratory Studies of Liver Function Tests, An Electrolyte Panel, and Thyroid Studies Alter the Disposition of Psychiatric Patients and Whether it is Necessary" NO
St. Mary Mercy Livonia Yoder, Lindsay, DO "Evaluating if the Timing of Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) Effects where a Student Matches in Relation to their Rank List" NO
St. Marys Mercy Livonia O'Dowd, Stacey, MD "Transition of Care Needs of Elders Discharged from Hospital" YES
WMU Homer Stryker SOM Baker, Joanna, DO Project under development. YES