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The SCS Scholarly Activity team and Dean Amalfitano has developed an additional series of six Scholarly Activity (SA) training modules. These voiced over modules augment the current 16 Scholarly Activity Training Course and eight Quality 12-to-15minute Improvement/Patient Safety and Research Training Course offerings.

Modules include content concerning: Scholarly Activity Project Novice Traps, Responsible Conduct of Research, Paper Planning and Copy Editing Strategies, Preparing for an SCS Scholarly Activity Consult Visit, How to serve as a SMRJ Expert Reviewer, and Building a Scholarly Activity Program

Please feel free to contact Dr. Bill Corser regarding SCS SA services and products at:

Additional Modules:

  1. "Scholarly Activity Project Novice Traps" (12 min.)
  2.  "Preparing for an SCS Scholarly Activity Consultation Visit" (8 min.)
  3.  "Scholarly Activity Paper Planning & Copy-Editing Strategies" (7 min.)
  4.  "Building a Scholarly Activity Program" (16 min.)
  5.  "How to Serve as a SMRJ Expert Reviewer" (18 min.)
  6.  "Responsible Conduct for Research" (53 min.)
  7. For any technical difficulty, please contact Ryan Conway at, or (517) 432-2853, or Dr. Bill Corser at or (517) 918-3470.