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Detroit Medical Center

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Detroit Medical Center is a multi-specialty hospital system affiliated with Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. This hospital system sponsors Osteopathic Training programs in many specialties and subspecialties. These Osteopathic Programs actively participate in Statewide Campus System (SCS), the Postgraduate Training institution of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

There are 8 hospitals in DMC with 70 postgraduate Intern, Resident and Fellowship Programs training over 1,000 physicians.

Sinai-Grace and Huron Valley-Sinai Hospitals are part of the Detroit Medical Center and serve as base hospitals for the training of Osteopathic Medical Students, Residents and Fellows.

Detroit Medical Center offers a full range of community medical services, plus state of the art technologies which include endoscopic and robotic surgeries and the latest in Intensive Care to Palliative Care. Sinai-Grace Hospital and Huron Valley-Sinai Hospitals together have Emergency Room visits in excess of 134,755 per year.

Detroit Medical Center has a history of training Osteopathic Physicians that dates back to 1965. Currently, there are programs for Osteopathic Medical Students, Residents and Fellows.

Sinai-Grace Hospital is a community hospital strategically located in northwest Detroit where there is a high percentage of trauma and elderly patients. The hospital is a Level II Trauma Center with over 18, 414 admissions per year. The patients presenting to this hospital are acutely ill and represent an extremely broad spectrum of pathology. This patient population offers an extraordinary opportunity for Students, Residents and Fellows to have the best possible training in Medicine and Surgery.

Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital is located in the suburban area of Commerce Township with a population that is different from that of the inner city of Detroit. This hospital has an active Emergency Room with over 33,993 visits and provides a wide variety of training in the Medical and Surgical specialties.

City Profile

Detroit is a city experiencing a rebirth, building on the past glory of Motown and the Automotive Industry. Detroit is the home of 3 casinos, a Riverwalk and athletic fields for the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions and a sports arena for the Detroit Red Wings. Close in is the stadium for the Detroit Pistons. There are downtown restaurants, theatres and several museums including the African American Museum, Motown Historical Museum, Children’s Museum, Planetarium and both Art and Historical Museums. There is also an abundance of hotels and fine restaurants to choose from.


6071 W. Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48235

Director of Medical Education
Patricia Wilkerson-Uddyback, M.D., M.B.A.
313 745-5147

Executive Director, Academic Affiairs
Terese DeClercq
313 966-0515

Executive Director, Medical Student Programs
Karolina Redziniak, M.A.
313 966-3053

GME Manager, Urology
Christine Bassett
313 745-4123

Medical Education Coordinator
Shatika Andrews

Medical Education Coordinator
Heba Mahmoud
313 478-6161

Program Administrator - Department of Medicine
Carol Maurizio
313 966-4970

Residency Program Coordinator - General Surgery
Lisa Zanardelli
313 966-4770

Residency Program Coordinator - Otolaryngology
Maria Flatt
313 745-5402

Residency Program Manager - Internal Medicine
Laura Goss
313 966-7434

AOA/ACGME Approved Residencies

  ACGME Approved
Diagnostic Radiology 
General Surgery  15
Internal Medicine  72
Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery  10
Urological Surgery  12
Total Positions:  109

Clerkship Rotations:

Allergy/Immunology; Anesthesiology; Cardiology; Diagnostic Radiology; Gastroenterology; General Surgery; Hematology/Oncology; ICU, Medical; ICU, Surgical; Infectious Disease; Internal Medicine; Nephrology; Neurological Surgery; Ophthalmology; Orthopedic Surgery; Otolaryngology; Pathology; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Plastic Surgery; Pulmonary Medicine; Rheumatology; Sports Medicine; Trauma Surgery; Urological Surgery; Vascular Surgery