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Crucial Conversations Training for All Faculty and Staff - Learn How to Speak Up and Help Others Do the Same (Expired)

March 13, 2018: 8:30AM - 5:00PM (8.5 hours)

Presenter: David Maxfield, PhD

A few defining moments can make all the difference.

"When someone violates a procedure or otherwise acts in an unsafe way, the first person to see the problem--regardless of his/her position--has a choice to make: say nothing and later regret or speak up and have a crucial conversation." (David Maxfield, PhD)

But it isn't always easy to have that crucial conversation. Sometimes it involves speaking up in a culture of silence or overcoming a sense of fear--of admonishment, of a challenging organizational hierarchy, or of losing a job. It is therefore essential to develop skills that empower open communication so you feel capable and confident in having that conversation.

Join New York Times Best-Selling author and leading national expert in this field, David Maxfield, PhD, for an exciting, hands-on workshop that will do just that. Specifically, participants will learn:

- Skills to foster open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics.
- Practical strategies you can implement to create a supportive institutional culture resulting in better patient outcomes and higher employee morale.

Participants will work through real-life scenarios like providing feedback on unprofessional behavior, confronting a difficult colleague, speaking up to prevent errors, and addressing sexist behavior in the organization.

This workshop is invaluable for anyone striving to create a positive learning environment for the entire team.

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