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ACGME Specialty RC Accreditation Citation trends 12-15 76KB 12/11/2015
Annual Program Evaluation Checklist and Agenda 73.2KB 12/11/2015
Clinical Competency Committee 27.6KB 12/11/2015
Program Director-Coordinator Annual Task Checklist 223.6KB 12/11/2015
SCS_CV_Template 55.8KB 12/11/2015

Single Accreditation Transition and Recruitment Plan

File: Type: Size: Last Updated:
AOA Program Accreditation during Transition to Single Accreditation System 110.2KB 11/13/2015
SCS GME transition plan for all programs 52.4KB 11/23/2015

ACGME Program Application "Map" and Workbook

AOA to ACGME Accreditation

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ACGME Program Application WebADS Overview Instructions 981.1KB 09/18/2015
ACGME Program Application WebADS workbook pages 1.52MB 06/03/2016
ACGME SAS App Instructions 45KB 11/13/2015
Examples of required docs for program applications 97.6KB 09/30/2015
IM SAS App Instructions 140.9KB 11/13/2015

Other Documents

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ACGME Accreditation QuickGuide 118.6KB 10/23/2014
Brey - Introducation to Immigration Law 154.2KB 12/12/2014
DIO - Scholarly Activity Faculty URL 12/17/2015
DIO-Scholarly_Activity_PD 52.9KB 06/03/2016
Leschuk - Apes In Residency 267.7KB 12/12/2014
Minnick - CLER Site Visit 655.3KB 12/12/2014
Royston - Unpacking NAS 273.5KB 12/12/2014
Tincknell - ACGME what does it mean for you 360.1KB 12/12/2014
Tincknell - Data Collection System 288.7KB 12/12/2014



Mapping Milestones in New Innovations
Recorded on May 3th, 2016

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Recorded on March 4th, 2015

File: Type: Size: Last Updated:
Osteopathic Recognition 92MB 03/07/2017

ACGME Actions on AOA Program Applications
Recorded on January 26th, 2015

Presented by Kari A. Hortos, DO

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Presentation PDF: AOA/ACGME Single GME Accreditation System

ACGME New Accreditation System
Presented on August 27th, 2014

Frederick M Schiavone MD, and Carrie M Eckart, MBA

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Case Studies for ACGMEPDF1.69MB09/03/2014
Introduction to ACGME accreditationPDF9.44MB09/04/2014

File: Type: Size: Last Updated:
01 Introduction 97.34MB 09/03/2014
02 Unified Accreditation 130.89MB 09/03/2014
03 Introduction to NAS 161MB 09/03/2014
04 webADS 59.79MB 09/03/2014
05 ACGME Survey and Self-Study Visits 112.31MB 09/03/2014
06 CLER 112.31MB 09/03/2014
07 Annual Program Evaluation APE 29.69MB 09/03/2014
08 Milestones 95.85MB 09/03/2014
09 Annual Institutional Review AIR 105.3MB 09/03/2014
10 Conclusion and Resources 28.64MB 09/03/2014

Collaborating with GME, CME, and Quality Improvement (QI) to launch a Resident-Driven Performance Improvement Curriculum
Presented on March 11th, 2014

Jean Wiggins and Jane Nester, DrPH

QI Nester Wiggins Handout

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