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First Annual Research Poster Day

SCS Logo StainglassMay 21st was the first annual research poster competition for SCS. The poster projects were across three different categories: Medical Students, Residents and Fellows, and Faculty members. We had 21 participants, who were evaluated over 10 categories by four judges. The winners are showcased Here.

The day was also a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of SCS, which included the meetings of both the Governing Board and the Membership Committee as well as the presentations of the Dr Cummings and Dr Opapari awards.

The 5th module in the OPP/OMT Integration Workshop series is now available

OPP/OMT Integration Workshop #5: Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Acute Head, Chest, and Low Back Pain after Ruling Out Conditions Causing the "Red Flags" is now available through the MSU Store. This case based workshop reviews the mechanics, anatomy, and physiology of the head, spine, chest, low back, and sacrum, the red flags and causes of acute pain, and explains safety in the use of OMT.

This module also features presentations from Dr. Mary Hughes and Dr. Don Sefcik, specialists in Emergency Medicine. Both of whom provide information about their experiences and insights regarding the integration of OPP/OMT in the treatment of patients in the ER.

PLM Scholarship Fund

The P. Lea Martinez Endowed Scholarship Fund has been established at the Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University to honor the memory and achievements of Lea.

More information is available Here.

SCS Forum on GME Issues

Dr Woods

August's GME forum, How to Prepare and Navigate Site Visits, Internal Reviews and Inspections by Jonathan Rohrer, PhD, DMin, will take place on Tuesday, August 12 at 12 Noon EST. The presentation will be re-broadcast at 5 PM EST.


Join the session

To download handouts, view previous recordings, or get a complete schedule of upcoming SCS forum events, visit the GME Issues: Webinar Series page.

SCS Research Support Program for Resident Research Projects

ResearchThe Statewide Campus System will be continuing its Research Support Program for resident research for the 2014-2015 academic year!

Residents currently enrolled in an SCS residency program may apply for a grant to help cover incidental costs such as printing and mailing, subject fees, or statistical consultation. The research project may be a required project from the specialty college for graduation, or a self-initiated project. The proposed research should be clinically-oriented with the goal of improved patient care or based on the education of patients or care providers.

More information and an application for this grant can be found Here.

S.A.F.E.R.: Sleep Alertness and Fatigue Education in Residency

SAFER, or Sleep, Alertness and Fatigue Education in Residency, is a 25-minute narrated video presentation that provides an introduction to the science of sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation. SAFER focuses on the demands and stresses of medical residency. The presentation provides practical suggestions for residents to manage fatigue and sleepiness including:

  • The influence of circadian and homeostatic processes
  • When and how long to sleep
  • What fatigue countermeasures to use
This course is only available to SCS members. A username & password is required for access. View this course HERE

Looking For Help in Core Competency Training?

The Statewide Campus System has developed a series of OPP/OMT modules covering the integration of OPP into: the care of hospitalized patients, those with Cardiovascular and Respiratory disease, patients that have undergone abdominal surgery, and those with extremity complaints. More information on these modules can be found at: OPP/OMT Integration Workshop Series. These modules can be purchased via the MSU Store.